Numb3rs Fanfiction



Sweet Delicious 1/1

Summary: Sex, with thigh holsters. Fluff.
Warnings: incest. kink.
Rating: NC-17

Pass This By 1/1

Summary: What was the text in the over-the-dinner-table subtext? Tag on 2x1, "Judgement Call"
Warnings: Incest.
Rating: PG-13

Four Ficlets

Summary: Four ficlets from my "What You Are" AU 'verse.
Warnings: Incest, minor AU
Rating: G-R

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to PPTH

Summary: Um, crack.
Warnings: Crossover, multi-pairing, incest, crack, AU
Rating: R

Pretty Rock Roll Kisses

Summary: Three drabble-ish things. Don watching Charlie, more of Charlie doing awesome things for Don, and finally the angst-sap fest.
Warnings: Incest
Rating: R

Just you and Me 1/1

Summary: Charlie's got a surprise for Don
Warnings: Sap, incest
Rating: PG-13

Let me Always

Summary: They've always wanted it, but never had it.
Warnings: INCEST. And a tad bit of angst.
Rating: NC-17

What you Are 1/?

Summary: The deaths of Margaret and Alan change the lives of the Eppes brothers forever. But to what extent?
Warnings: Heavy AU, Incest, angst
Rating: NC-17

Rob Morrow/Charlie Eppes

Monkey on a String

Summary: crazy insanity portrayed in a non crazy insane way.
Warnings: serious crack, RPS, AU, implied incest
Rating: LSD (srsly though, PG)