Just you and Me 1/1


Title: Just You and Me
Author: __dtrain
Beta: As always, meletor_et_al. My legs never work around you, either. ;) ♥.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Charlie's got a surprise for Don
Disclaimer: If Numb3rs were mine, Don never would've gotten his hair cut.

A/N: Ok, so this fic kinda happened on accident. I blame Charlie, pushy bastard. Also, the song I picked is perfect, and besides everyone needs more DMB in their lives. :D

Listen to "When the World Ends" by Dave Matthews Band

Charlie was up at four-something in the morning. Coffee, warm shower. The sun was just beginning to rise. He packed steadily and everything went in one large bag. Just as he zipped it up he felt arms around his waist, a yawn blanketed over his neck.

"Mornin'." It was rumbled against his ear, a sloppy half-asleep kiss to follow.

"You need some coffee, brother." Charlie turned, kissed his cheek.


"Where are we going?" Don had his shades on, passenger seat all the way back. Charlie's prius was roomy.

"You'll see." Charlie smirked, changed lanes. Fumbled around for the stick shift.

Don smirked back, folded his hands behind his head, and relaxed.

When Don woke up, they were travelling on the Pacific Coast Highway. Don stretched and yawned, Charlie's hand squeezed his thigh. Don glanced over at him and smiled. That's where his sunglasses had gotten to. "Nice shades, Chuck."

Charlie grinned. "Stop calling me that." Don gave his brother a critical once over. The glasses looked good on him. Really good. He wondered if that's what Charlie thought when he wore sunglasses.

"What else am I supposed to call you?" Another yawn.

"How about 'Charlie'? 'Brother' works too." He flashed Don a smile and moved the car into second gear. Don followed the movement, wanting Charlie's hand back on him.

"Does 'lover' work?" Don's voice dropped an octave and his hand meandered over to Charlie's inner thigh. His lips curled upwards when Charlie swallowed slowly.

"Whatever makes you happy." Charlie licked his lips, shot a heated glance at Don.

"Where are we going?" Don thought he'd give it a shot.

Charlie wasn't having any of it. Don's hand on his thigh was no where near distracting enough to get information out of him.

"Nice try." Charlie laced their fingers together, ensuring Don wouldn't get any ideas that might cause him to accidentally run the car off the cliff. "Just watch the pretty scenery, man. We'll get there."

Don rolled his eyes half heartedly and got more comfortable.

Don woke up, again, to Charlie's voice telling him they had arrived. He wondered how he'd fallen asleep again, or more to the point, why he was so tired. He stretched and got out of the car, taking in the view around him. The car faced the pacific, and they were on a cliff. The water crashed against the rocks a couple hundred feet below them and the sun was setting. Behind them was an older three story home with a sign that said "Blue Crush, a Bed and Breakfast". Charlie sidled up next to him, wrapped his arm around Don's waist and kissed his temple.

Don's eyes widened and he tried to back off. "Charlie, what are you--"

"Hush." Charlie rested his finger against Don's lips. "We're in the middle of nowhere in Oregon. We're almost at the Washington border." He kissed Don softly, reassuringly. "Don't worry, lover." He grabbed at Don's hand and pulled them towards the white washed house. Don was stunned.

The receptionist, the daughter of the couple that owned the place, was very sweet and helpful, leading them to their room. It faced the ocean, and even though the decor looked like it belong in South Carolina, it was nice enough. King sized bed, Don noted. Once she was gone, Don tugged at Charlie's wrist, muttered a "c'mere", and pulled him in for a kiss. Don pulled back, traced the edge of Charlie's ear (that drove him crazy everytime). "I can't believe you did this." Don was still stunned. His fingers brushed down against Charlie's jaw.

"Well, I did." Charlie grabbed Don's hand, kissed it. "You really need the break, you know."

"Yeah." Don furrowed his brows. "I know you know it's my day off, but--"

"Don't worry about it. Megan pulled some strings." Charlie grinned, bringing Don's head down for another kiss.

There was a little wicker couch and some chairs a few hundred feet from the house that was perfect for stargazing. Don and Charlie had come across it by accident, but decided it would be a nice place to spend a couple hours.

"How come there's no one else here?" Don asked, toying with Charlie's collar.

"Um, I don't know." Charlie readjusted his position against Don's chest. Don raised his eyebrows and craned his neck, trying to look at Charlie.


"I don't."

Don's hand drifted down to Charlie's hip. "I really, really don't believe you." His hand inched over his thigh.

"I...I bought out all the rooms."


"I bought out--"

"No, I heard you." Don had expected Charlie to say 'because of the obscene prices no one comes here' or 'who vacations in upstate Oregon?' Not, 'I used my life savings to placate your paranoia.' "Charlie, why..."

"Because I wanted it to be perfect." Charlie turned to face Don. His cheeks were just a bit red. "You never get any time off, and I wanted you to be able to just...exist without worrying about other people."

Speechless, Don opened his mouth and closed it a couple times. Giving up on words, he pulled Charlie against him and crushed their lips together. His hands slid down Charlie's back, down to the tops of his thighs. Charlie groaned, eyes drifting shut when Don thrust his tongue inside his mouth.

They were making out like teenagers in the middle of Oregon. Outside. It was perfect.

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