Monkey on a String


Title: Monkey on a String (0/?)
Pairing: Rob Morrow/Charlie Eppes
Rating: LSD (srsly though, PG)
Summary: crazy insanity portrayed in a non crazy insane way.
Disclaimer: If Rob Morrow were mine, he'd be my own personal sex god sex slave sex toy thigh holster model not-quite-gay gay best friend. And Charlie's obviously not mine, as I flunked pre-algebra.
Beta: Props to meletor_et_al for being awesome and being constantly available.
A/N: Uh. I don't know why this exists. It just does, and it's fun.
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Filming had been done for the day, yet Rob Morrow found himself wandering the set of the Eppes' craftsman home. When things weren't busy and the sets were devoid of people, he loved meandering through the sets, really getting to know the feel and the character of the environment. He'd examine all the props, the meticulously recreated photographs of Don and Charlie's childhood always jumping out at him. The graphics department was flawless in their ability to manipulate some older photos of the cast. Rob ran his finger over one of the frames, the picture inside a posed shot of Charlie. Actually, it was a photo shoot from when David was a teen, and he was in that movie. Rob furrowed his brows, trying to think of it. Some stupid teen flick. Rob could see how David was afraid of typecasting; he looked like the consummate high school nerd.

Not anymore though. David was...Rob couldn't stop the smile that started just at the thought of him. He didn't know when or how it had happened, but at some point Rob had developed a bit of an infatuation with David. He kept it hidden, and honestly hadn't thought of it in a while (and rarely, if ever, did he ruminate over it), but it was most definitely there. Rob sighed, rubbed his forehead and turned to leave. He almost ran right into David. "Oh, hey, I didn't know you were here."

"Yeah, no, I just, I just got here." David licked his lips and glanced around. Rob did as well.

"What, is there..."

"No, no one else is here." Rob nodded. He opened his mouth to speak, but found himself with an armful of co-star. David had crushed his lips against his and backed him against the wall. Stunned, Rob didn't know what to do. Figuring it was best not to look a gift horse in the mouth, figuratively speaking, he returned the kiss. He cupped David's face, grasped some of his curls lightly.

David pulled back, eyes hooded and lips swollen. He opened his mouth to speak, but then closed it, peering just slightly to Rob's left. He narrowed his eyes and fingered Rob's left ear lobe.

"Don, since when have you had your ear pierced?"

...what. the. fuck?

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