Four Ficlets


Four Ficlets

Title: Riptide Rush
Author: __dtrain
Pairing: Don/Charlie.
Rating: R?
Summary: Don's thirsty.
Disclaimer: They own me.
A/N: The first three of these fit into my AU WIP that I'm working on. The first part is being beta'd. :)
Beta: meletor_et_al loves me enough to put up with my writing. Isn't she awesome? :D

Listen to "If I had it All" by Dave Matthews Band with all four of these.

"We need to christen the kitchen." Charlie bit into an orange slice. Licked his lips.

"Uh-huh." Don's biceps flexed as he did his push ups. Grunted.

Charlie smirked, grabbed a Gatorade out of the fridge. In the time it took for him to come back, Don had flopped onto his back. Hands behind his head. Panting. Eyes closed. Charlie stood over him. Straddled his hips. His feet dug into Don's sides.

"You got my purple stuff?" Don didn't have a shirt on. Purposefully. Less for Charlie to take off.

More ways for Charlie to fool around. Cap unscrewed, bottle angled. Splash, splash, the juice pooled into Don's navel. Don gasped.

"Yeah, got it." Don slipped his eyes open, narrow. Charlie grinned, a grin that promised devious things. He delivered, brushing up Don's legs and finding himself hovering over Don's stomach. Lapped up the liquid, felt Don's hands sink into his hair. "Didn't say who it was for though." Don tugged, hard.

Smashed lips, twisted up tongues. Don got his Gatorade alright.

Title: Splenda
Rating: G
Summary: Charlie thieves coffee.

"Would you knock it off?" Don shot Charlie a frustrated look. Charlie was hunched over his desk. Shot Don a confused look.

"What'd I do?"

"That." Don gestured at his coffee cup. His empty coffee cup.

"I didn't do it." Charlie thinned his lips, furrowed his brow. Don stared. "I didn't!"

"No need to squabble, boys." Macy walked by, plunked a brand new cup on Don's desk. "Splenda and all." Wink, and off she was again, laughing.

"Wasn't that sweet." Charlie crossed his arms, amused look on his face. "You gonna apologize to me?" Don grinned around the stirrer, looked at it as though wondering how it wound up between his teeth.

"Later, maybe." Don flicked the end of Charlie's curls and snatched up his file, traipsing off into the interrogation room.

Sneaky bastard.

Title: Remorse
Rating: R?
Summary: Don apologizes

Don shoved him against the fridge. Smirk. Tugged Charlie's belt loops. Grind.

Charlie's hands traversed Don's arms, pulled off his jacket.

"Too many clothes. Definitely too many clothes." They both agreed, undressed, wound up on the floor. Charlie spread beneath him.

Don glanced his hands down to Charlie's wrists and arched them over his head. Pinned to the floor. Mouths clashed again. Lips soothed against lips, until Don sucked Charlie's bottom lip between his teeth, slow and smooth and so perfect. Faces centimeters apart, Don shivered when eyelashes tickled his cheek.

Charlie licked his own lips, licked Don's. "What was this for again?" Rolled his hips, electric shock.


Title: Dusty
Rating: PG
Summary: Charlie's allergic and Don's after something.

When Charlie stood at the chalkboard, he sneezed. Not when he was working, just when he was looking. Reviewing.

Chalk running low in the holder. Less green, more white. Don sauntered in. Charlie sneezed.

"Whoa, buddy. Stay away from me." Don stood back, eyebrows raised.

"I'm not sick, it's the chalk." Don laughed at him and leaned against the wall, ankles crossed, arms crossed. Charlie gave him a long look.

"You're not used to it by now?"


"Uh-huh." Don started forward, casting a skeptical eye over Charlie, then over the board. "You should get out of this stuffy garage. Dad went out with one of his buddies." Don rested his chin on Charlie's shoulder and drew his arms around Charlie's waist. "You could make me dinner."

Charlie laughed, turned in Don's arms. "You'd like that, you lazy bastard."

"Aw, c'mon. Then I can make you dessert."

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