Sweet Delicious 1/1


Title: Sweet Delicious (1/1)
Author: __dtrain
Pairing: Don/Charlie
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sex.
Warnings: Besides the obvious? FBI Gear!kink and devious!Charlie
A/N: All credit for polishing, encouragement, and continuous ego stroking goes to beta goddess extaordinaire meletor_et_al. she wins at life, for serious.
Disclaimer: AHAH. Numb3rs doesn't have near enough smut to be a product of my imagination.
Title and cut text shamelessly stolen from Dave Matthews Band's Rapunzel.

Don sometimes made the mistake of forgetting that Charlie was the most dilligent person he'd ever met. Finding himself sitting on his couch at fuck-all in the morning getting the most meticulous blow job of his life certainly reminded him. His head thunked against the back of the couch cushion; his hands tangled in his brother's newly cut hair. Charlie's tongue twisted in just the right way, god he knew what Don wanted so well. "Fuck, christ Charlie. Oh..." His moan tapered off, fueling Charlie's actions and quite probably his ego. His hand slipped and dropped onto Charlie's shoulder, immediately using the grip as leverage to arch his body off the couch.

Don's mouth dropped open ever so slightly and his eyes flicked shut. Charlie's hands inched up his hips and he made a disgruntled noise. Don only vaguely registered the sound but still lifted his head, giving his brother a curious look. He was reassured when Charlie slithered up his body and hovered above him, infusing the air with seduction and confidence. Charlie mouthed his way up Don's jaw, breath heady against his skin. "Your thigh holsters are in the way," he murmured. His hands grazed over the buckles and straps. He pulled back and locked eyes with Don. "I think I'm gonna keep it like that." Charlie's voice was thick with lust and passion. Don groaned, grabbing Charlie's t-shirt and smashing their lips together. He thrust his tongue inside Charlie's mouth, the familiar taste spurring him on. Breathless, he wrenched his lips away.

"You can have me whatever way you want me, little brother."

Charlie smirked conspiratorially, lightly dragging his fingers over Don's cock. "Good," he replied distractedly. "Because I plan on having you." Once again Don dropped his head back, the mental image alone enough to drive him wild. When Charlie got in this mood of his, which wasn't very often, he was intoxicating; focused, brimming with passion and incredibly sexy. Don had a hard time saying no to him under regular circumstances, but nothing stopped Charlie on nights like this. He slid his hands down, unsnapping the clips around Don's thighs and tugging at his jeans. Don reached around to undo the belt, but Charlie swatted his hands away. At his unsure look, Charlie simply said, "You'll see." Don knew Charlie was after something, so he just let the genius work. He finished pulling off Don's jeans and boxers and licked his lips, reattaching the thigh rigs.

Then Charlie leaned back to assess his older brother. Don was sprawled on the couch, hair sex-mussed, eyes hooded. His black shirt was half unbuttoned and wrinkled; he spread his legs marginally, muscles playing out beneath the nylon and plastic. Charlie swallowed thickly. He knew Don would look amazing like this, but...he didn't exactly count on "amazing" translating into pure unadulterated sex. "Oh God, Don. I...you look..." he shook his head, unable to tear his eyes away. Don smiled smugly, further aroused by his ability to confound his brother. He maneuvered himself into lying down and gently pulled Charlie on top of him. He licked and kissed his little brother's jaw, pulling off his t-shirt. His hands glided over the other man's chest as he nudged Charlie's chin up with his lips.

Don gripped his lover's hips and deftly turned them over, reversing positions. Charlie's curls splayed out on the arm of the couch and his legs spread to accommodate him. He caressed the strip of skin between the straps of Don's thigh holsters absently. Don tried not to get distracted, nipping and soothing down Charlie's abdomen until he encountered denim. He moved to tug at the zipper but changed his mind. Peeling himself off Charlie, Don stood and pulled him to his feet. He seared his lips to Charlie's, not relinquishing the contact as he walked them around and back to his bedroom. His hands couldn't stop moving, caressing here and there, stroking against the rough material of Charlie's jeans.

"Don, I need...fuck, please." Don growled, unbuttoning Charlie's jeans, and began stripping them off, crouching down as the pants slinked off Charlie's body. He lifted Charlie's legs one at a time, completely ridding him of his clothing. Don looked up from his position at Charlie's feet and ran his tongue across his lips. Charlie smiled languidly, leaning down and cupping Don's cheek. "Let go, Donnie," he whispered against his lips.

Don groaned, standing up and running his hands from Charlie's ankles to his shoulders. He rested his hand at Charlie's neck, playing at his curls absently. He peered at him, rapt by his brother, his lover; he was awe-struck. Charlie ducked his head, blushing at the attention. Love, need, and desire were overriding both their systems, and it was all reflected on Don's face.

"C'mon, genius," Don murmured, smile playing at his lips. He pulled a laughing Charlie towards the bed, crawling backwards on the mattress and pulling Charlie up against him. He began to unbutton the rest of his shirt when Charlie stopped him. "Keep it on," he mumbled, bending down and licking and sucking at the skin he could reach. Don's head fell back against the pillows. He pulled in a sharp breath, his fingers grasping Charlie's shoulders. Charlie licked the outline of the straps on Don's inner thighs, his tongue absorbing the faint plastic nylon taste. Don was convinced he'd never seen anything sexier than that, and knew he'd have trouble focusing next time he had to strap his gear on. His head lolled to the side and he clenched his hand in Charlie's curls, pulling him flush against his body.

"Jesus, Charlie, are you trying to kill me?" Don traced the edge of Charlie's ear with his tongue. Charlie, in response, moaned and clutched the pillow. He arched against his older brother, forcing their erections into sweet contact. If Charlie's moan didn't tell him what he needed to know, that sure as hell did. Reaching down, Charlie fisted his brother's cock, whispering in his ear.

"I had planned on fucking you--" Don's groan interrupted "--but I'm not sure that's what I want."

"Charlie, I don't care what the hell happens at this point, but it whatever it is better happen soon," Don managed to choke out, moaning and pushing up into his brother's hand. Charlie's lips twisted into the most lascivious grin Don had ever seen. All he could do was bite his lip and hope his brother didn't kill all his brain cells. Charlie shimmied, yes shimmied against him and reached over to grab a condom off the bedside table. Ripping the package open, he gave Don a calculating look, a look that made him briefly nervous. Don followed Charlie's movements carefully. Was he--oh shit, he was. Somehow Charlie was managing to make putting a condom on his brother and giving him a mini-blow job a single task. His fingers held the condom in place, and as the latex slid down, so did that gorgeously sinful mouth. It was rare for Charlie's actions in bed to get full-blown shouts from Don, much less strings of jumbled curses. He was managing both, and wanted to see if he could keep that going.

Between cries of "holy fuck" and "Charlie, oh fuck, fuck", Charlie had finally gotten the condom on. Sitting up straight, still straddling Don's waist, Charlie rested his left hand on Don's chest. He slid that dexterous, chalk-dried hand up, framing the side of Don's face. Don's breathing calmed down a bit, his hands caressing Charlie's thighs. "I love you, Charlie. Don't you ever fucking forget," he choked out between pants.

"I know, Donnie, I know," Charlie answered, meeting Don's lips half way in a soul-seeking kiss. Don's hands left imprints on Charlie's hips, imprints he relished, and Charlie left scratches on Don's forearms, each marking the other. Breaking away, Charlie steadied himself with a deep breath and a firm grip on Don's still-clothed shoulders. Little by little, he sank down on Don's cock, mouth dropping open in sheer ecstasy. Nothing would ever make the twinge of pain disappear completely, but the matching look of intense pleasure on Don's face more than made up for it. This was the only time the word beautiful could be applied to his older brother, and it was the only word that described Don at that moment. Charlie tracked his thumb across Don's bottom lip and down over his chin, mesmerized.

The moment passed, and Charlie began to move, slow at first. He found and kept a steady rhythm, skin growing raw against Don's thigh holsters. Charlie didn't throw his head back so much as roll it back, guttural groans escaping him. "Don, I...oh god, you feel so good. So damn good," fell from his lips as he picked up the pace. Don arched into him, congruent to Charlie's downward thrusts. All he could manage at this point was an occasional grunt mixed in with a few slurs of "fuck" and "Charlie". He kept his hands on Charlie's waist, vice-like grip sure to leave more bruises. Perpetual bruises. Charlie didn't care, and Don tried and usually managed to not care.

Charlie grabbed Don's hand, pulling it to his lips and setting a sloppy, shaky kiss to the back of it. Don smiled up at him momentarily, the nearly orgasmic sensations reducing his ability to even so much as smile. His jaw dropped open again, hot, silent breaths escaping him. Charlie was now slamming against him, clearly unable to get enough. Between the fluttering of his own eyelashes he could see that his brother was close. Charlie was pulling at his lip erratically, grinding onto Don's cock as hard as he could. Don pried his hand away from Charlie's hip, fastening his palm on Charlie's cock. All it took was five strong pulls for Charlie to orgasm, come splattering over his sweat soaked shirt. Don thrust up twice before orgasming, clutching onto his brother's thighs as his name was ripped from his lips. Charlie shuddered and collapsed against him, a sticky sweaty mess.

They lay there motionless, allowing their breathing to even out and their brain cells to reconnect. Don collected his brother against his chest and slowly turned them both over, carefully pulling out of Charlie and discarding the condom. He situated himself on his side and draped his right leg over Charlie's. One hand held up his head while he let the other absently run over his little brother's chest. Charlie looked thoroughly satisfied, completely debauched, and hopefully sated. His eyes were closed, yet he stretched languidly, getting out the kinks in his spine. Don watched the motion interestedly. When Charlie popped open an eye, he smiled. "What?" Don laughed in amusement, eyes crinkling slightly at the corners.

"You, Charlie, have got to be the most frustrating, insatiable, seductive, inventive, sexy dork I've ever known." Don kept laughing, brushing his lips against Charlie's. "And I wouldn't have it any other way."

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