Don't Cut My Lifeline


Title: Don't cut my lifeline (1/?)
Author: __dtrain
Summary: More insanity! This time with Charlie nearly going into shock and Rob going with the flow.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Oh please. I wish. (no srsly, if you want to get me Don for x-mas. I might just die.)
Beta: meletor_et_al. ♥
A/N: Er. Ok, just um. Go with me on this. I have a general idea where this is supposed to wind up, but I'm mostly just feeling it out as I go. But it's fun! Right?
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Rob worked his jaw open and closed. "I...what?"

Charlie narrowed his eyes. "Your ear, what, when did you get it pierced?"

Rob blinked. "Um, a while ago."

Charlie grinned. "Nice try, brother, but I would've noticed." He leaned forward, apparently to toy with it again, but Rob caught his wrist.

"What...what's going on, what's wrong with you?" Rob was confused, and a bit concerned.

"What do you mean?" Charlie rested his other hand over Rob's forehead. He seemed fine.

" 'Don' and 'brother'? I thought I was the method actor." Rob sucked in an unsteady breath.

"Method actor? Don, what's...what are you talking about? I always call you brother, 'cause, well, you are my brother." They both peered at each other with matching dumbfounded expressions.

Rob opened his mouth, closed it. "Who are you?"

Charlie was more than a little alarmed. "What, I'm Charlie. I'm your brother, Don?" He reminded himself to take deep breaths. Maybe Don had gotten hit on the head. Really, really, really hard. Not like that potential fact helped.

Rob, on the other hand, was glad he was up against a wall. He felt faint. It was one of those feelings where you didn't really have all the details, but you knew something was really off. Really, really off.

"I'm not Don."

"What?" Charlie backed up, eyes frantic. "You are Don, you-- well, look at you." Charlie couldn't process this. It wasn't processable to him.

"I..." Rob couldn't wrap his head around the situation. "What the hell is going on? This is insane." Rob rubbed his forehead furiously, and Charlie looked like he would fall apart any second.

"I don't, I don't know. I. You're not Don?" Charlie couldn't grasp it, didn't want to. He didn't want it to be true. There was no possible way it could be true.

"No, I'm not." Rob took a deep breath, trying to stay calm and level-headed. First off, "You're Charlie? Charlie Eppes?" Charlie nodded his head, bit his lip.

"If uh, if you're not Don, um, who are you?" Charlie kept glancing around, as though he was hoping Don would appear and fix it.

Rob could tell that Charlie was really freaked out, and he really couldn't blame him. He was pretty damned freaked out himself. Rob tugged at his earring absentmindedly. "My name's Rob, Rob Morrow. I'm an actor..." Rob decided it was probably best not to elaborate. Charlie nodded his head, clearly looking more and more lost.

"If you're not Don, where is he? I..." Charlie pulled out his cell phone, fumbled with it, hit the speed dial. He wrapped his other arm around his waist and almost dropped the phone when it went straight to voicemail. "Don, hi, um, call me. Please. Ok." He hung up and set the phone on the table. Fortunately Rob's worry had kept him on his toes and he managed to catch Charlie as he passed out.


On one hand, Rob thought it would be nice if he could get Charlie upstairs and into his own bed. On the other hand, he wasn't Don, and really couldn't, physically. He'd managed to get Charlie on the couch, though, and Charlie had woken up right as Rob came back with some water. Charlie sat up slowly, mumbled a thanks as he grabbed the bottle. He sipped on it slowly. "What...what do we do?" Charlie glanced up at Rob with sad eyes.

"I don't know." Rob sighed. He really had no clue. About anything.

"I'm sorry I kissed you." Charlie scootched over, making room for Rob on the couch. Rob sat down slowly.

"It's ok." Rob didn't want to know. Really, really didn't. Maybe someone had spiked his coffee? Maybe he was dreaming?

No, you never actually thought you might be dreaming while you were dreaming, so that couldn't be right either. A quick look upstairs to see that there was an upstairs had proved that he definitely wasn't on the set. This was real, and somehow he needed to. To something. He just wasn't sure what that something was.

"This is so hard to. To even process. Or try to process." Charlie was trying not to go into shock. All he really wanted was his brother back. He knew if he tried to use any kind of logic on this situation, it would blow up in his face and he'd wind up wasting away somewhere. Probably in the garage. He didn't need Don there to know that he wouldn't want Charlie to do that. He just needed to make do with what he had, and what he had was a carbon copy replica of his brother.

Charlie glanced over at Rob who was staring into space. Charlie licked his lips and gently set down the glass of water. He took in a deep breath, rubbed his clammy palms against his thighs. "Rob?"

"Hmm?" Rob turned his head and for the second time in forty five minutes had Charlie's lips plastered to his. Rob tried to push him away, but Charlie wasn't having any of it. Instead, Rob pulled his lips away, holding Charlie's head back. "Charlie, I really don't think this is--"

"Please, please just." He leaned forward, kissing all over his face and neck. "I just need this, please." Rob inhaled a quick breath when Charlie bit lightly over his shoulder. His hands smoothed over Charlie's shoulders and he nodded slightly.

"Ok." Charlie gave him one last critical look. This time Rob inched forward and pressed his lips to Charlie's. Hesitant, curious, at first, but it quickly morphed into something of passion and lust. Charlie lay back and pulled Rob on top of him, spreading his legs to make room. Rob planted open-mouthed kisses down the side of his neck, pushing his hands under Charlie's t-shirt. Charlie's head fell back against the armrest and he arched up, towards Rob's mouth. Rob grasped the hem of Charlie's shirt in one hand, pushing aside his collar with the other and licking the revealed skin.

"Wait, just, hang on." Breathless, Charlie uncurled Rob's fingers and managed to wriggle out of his shirt. Rob sat back and removed his jacket and unbuttoned his shirt. Charlie licked his lips, grabbing Rob's forearms and pulling him down again. This time he went for his ear, sucking Rob's earlobe into his mouth, letting the metallic tinge seep into his mouth. He dragged his lips across Rob's shoulder, tried to get at his chest but couldn't. He squirmed out from underneath Rob and tugged him up with him. He dropped a quick kiss on Rob's lips, whispered, "Upstairs," and bounded off.

Shaking his head at the whole situation, Rob let out a laugh and followed him. "I guess I'll just go with it and hope to God Krummie slipped me something."

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